health_safetydigger-2Restriction of skilled operators’ right
to work on construction sites

Are you aware…

bigstockphoto_Cherry_Picker_3211796Are you aware that some of the large construction companies are demanding that any workers on their sites must have CPCS training, with no other legal training certificates or cards being accepted??

This is blatant discrimination against fully legal training companies who deliver courses to improve site safety and are audited and monitored on an annual basis to confirm good practices.

Is it fair and decent to make already qualified workers who have done the required training to the nationally accepted standards (using the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP), HASAWA, PUWER and LOLER regulations) retrain and pay CPCS to be a member of their training scheme instead?

6-tonne-jpgOnline Petition

We are starting an online petition to hand to Downing Street to have this investigated and any other cases where operators are forced to have a specific card or certificate – which is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH.

Any training companies certificates or cards is enough to operate
plant, construction and mewps machines on sites in the UK.

Is this a scam?

Workers are being thrown off construction sites when they are fully trained by accredited companies and by registered trainers with certificates and cards that show competence to operate plant equipment & machines.

Support Our Skilled Operators Petition

Anyone who supports our cause is welcome to sign our petition.

Sign this petition now if you think it is wrong that construction companies are refusing fully qualified skilled operators with recommended certificates and cards for operating plant machinery (from registered and qualified training companies).

This would also stop recruitment agencies advertising vacancies and again stating you must have CPCS etc - this is total nonsense!

If you have paid for a training course that delivers the correct UK legal standards (ACOP - PUWER - LOLER HASAWA etc) and gained a legally valid certificate/card you ARE allowed to work on any work site in the UK.

Sign now the results will be handed to the Government if necessary have the law changed to stop this practice by offending companies.

This petition result will be the voice of all qualified construction - plant and warehouse operators, VOTE NOW!

STOP these companies restricting your right to jobs that you are fully qualified to carry out.



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Who owns CPCS and who are the directors? They seem to charge more for training than any other companies — sub–contractors and operators are being forced into an expensive scheme they don’t want to join.

Who is responsible for making the decision to nominate this scheme as the one and only? Is it a closed shop on these building sites? Questions we would all like the answer to.

Should we do the same?

Should all other sites refuse CPCS cards? No, as that would make everyone else as bad as them! Common sense needs to prevail here and we need to let everyone choose their own training providers. We support all legal training companies that train as long as they train to the HSE recognised standards and only want these construction companies to do the same.

Would it not be a monopoly to only have one scheme with no choice for operators? Surely they would then just charge what they wanted for training because there would be no competition.

This is all the fault of the construction companies who are dictating that only certain cards are allowed on their worksites — they even insist sub-contractors have their choice of training qualification! This cannot be right when the public has a choice of legal schemes and trainers to choose from whether that be by price or location — it is their own choice.

Nothing to do with Health and Safety

This practice has nothing to do with health & safety – all training companies aim to improve that. It’s simply about taking full control and being the only training companies. We support any improvements to safety but also support competition and free choice of who delivers training for workers needs.

We are calling for the directors of the construction companies to make the decision to allow skilled operators who hold any legal and valid training certificates or cards jobs on their sites.

It would be stupid to only have one car manufacturer, one supermarket brand, and so on… So why only allow one training scheme?!??!?

This is not new!

rollerLarge construction companies have recently been prosecuted for blacklisting workers in the 80′s and are now being forced to pay £££££££ in compensation. Let’s have this stopped now before it is necessary to do the same again for restricting qualified operators work on building sites.

Power to the British workers!
Vote now and let these companies know we will not be
dictated to and forced to pay them for unnecessary training.


Construction sites blacklist compensation scheme now open

The Construction Workers Compensation Scheme (TCWCS) has opened today to applications from the 3,213 people whose names were on the blacklist that major contractors operated from 1980s until 2008 – If you believe you were on that list register with the scheme now.

Sign our petition against the practice of barring operators with legally valid certificates backed by the HSE (RTITB – ITSSAR – NPORS) which is just another form of blacklisting by these companies again, we have their names – next step is to get compensation for all these workers.

Also give details of which work sites and companies would not recognise your training certificates and which of the above schemes you trained with.

Carry the fight to these arrogant ignorant companies and hit them where it hurts. The above training certificates are valid anywhere in the UK.

Join us

Join the movement against this practice now, use the Facebook and Twitter buttons above to promote this to as many people as you can to vote to stop the monopoly these companies are trying to force onto an already fully trained and legally qualified workforce.



Anyone who supports our cause is welcome to sign our petition,
we need as many as possible to sign, you don’t need to be
a skilled operator, & refresh your screen after each
before next person signs.

This Petition is Working!

We know some training bodies are starting to ask questions about this practice (speak to your members who pay into your schemes and get their views and ideas).

This petition has certainly started to alert people to what has been happening for the last few years and they are not happy.

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